Solon Manufacturing Co. is pleased to offer a suite of calculator web tools designed to assist you with your application requirements. With the ability to choose English or metric bolts or studs and include inputs relative to bolt size and material, and environmental factors such as temperature, these tools will easily assist with the design of your bolting system. Calculated outputs include the most economical recommendation for a Solon Belleville Spring Washer along with stacking arrangements and quantities, bolt load and torque, and a helpful installation guide. The calculator tools also provide a direct link to the recommended washer product with the ability to quickly add the item to your quote cart for pricing and delivery from our sales team. Try our calculator tools for your electrical, flange or valve applications. 

*It is ultimately user’s responsibility to determine product suitability. Solon Manufacturing Co. is not responsible for product that is ordered incorrectly, misused, or misapplied. Contact a Solon engineer for recommended guidelines for product use.

Flange Leak Prevention Calculator

Minimize bolt load loss and prevent flange leaks. Quickly design a live loading system for flange applications. Fill out the form to access the flange leak prevention calculator.


Valve Leak Prevention Calculator

Reduce fugitive emissions and valve leaks with optimized solutions designed to increase the value of the live loading system. Fill out the form to access the valve leak prevention calculator.


Bolted Electrical Connections Calculator

Maintain bolt preload and keep bolted joints tight with Belleville springs & washers installed on the bolted connections within your electrical assembly. Fill out the form to access our bolted electrical connections calculator.