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A Belleville spring is a conical shaped disc that will deflect (flatten) at a given spring rate when subjected to an axial load. This rate is usually very high relative to a coil spring, which make a Belleville an excellent candidate where large loads must be delivered through a short movement, and anywhere bolt preload must be maintained over time. 

Solon Belleville Springs: Maintain Bolt Preload

One of the most common applications for a Belleville spring is a bolted joint. The key to having a sound, bolted joint connection is that some minimum preload must be maintained. If the preload falls below this minimum, the joint will fail. In some applications, joint failure may cause a minor nuisance or cosmetic issue. In other applications, failure may be catastrophic resulting in significant property loss, injury, or death. Properly used Solon® Belleville Springs can reduce the loss of preload by a factor of 5X or more, and greatly reduce the opportunity for a failure. 

Download the White Paper, Using Belleville Springs to Maintain Bolt Preload

Download our technical white paper, Using Belleville Springs to Maintain Bolt Preload for an in-depth overview of Belleville springs. Key topics discussed in this paper include:                                                                                                                                 
  • Why Does a Bolt Loosen?    
  • The Joint Diagram
  • Using Belleville Springs to Maintain Bolt Preload
  • Movement in Flanged Joints
  • Bus Conductors and Differential Thermal Expansion (DTE)
  • Test of Bellevilles Used on a Bolted Joint
  • Test of Bellevilles Used on a Flanged Joint                                                                                    
  • Designing a Live Loaded Joint System