Industry Challenges

Nuclear Power StationA nuclear power generating station in Florida had a chronic problem with leakage on one of their heat exchangers. The exchanger had a 24” head and used a graphite spiral wound gasket to seal a water and steam process. The exchanger often cycled between ambient and 4500F, due to process variations. Different gaskets and bolting techniques were attempted but did not resolve the issue.

Solon's Flange Washer Solution

Solon® Flange Washers were recommended and installed using normal assembly techniques which resolved the gasketed joint leak. No further leakage occurred. 

There are many variables that occur in a typical flange assembly, some include; tool inaccuracies, flange/gasket tolerances, or complex elastic interactions. Mathematical reasoning, laboratory experimentation, and field experience indicate that Belleville spring flange washers are an effective method of creating a more reliable flange assembly.

Solon Flange Washers are designed to maintain sufficient bolt tension and resultant gasket pressure in high temperature and high-pressure applications where safety and emission containment take priority.

Solon Flange Washer Advantages

  • Reduce fugitive emissions
  • Maintain bolt integrity
  • Maintain leak-free joints
  • Made in the USA
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis - contact a Solon engineer for a live load design audit

Customer Benefits

  • Economical alternative to costly system enhancements
  • Simplified installation
  • Low maintenance
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