Washer Applications

Vibration, differential thermal expansion, bolt creep and yield, and relaxation can all cause a loss of bolt preload, which leads to loosened joint and bolt failure. Belleville spring washers are compressible and highly configurable fasteners designed for use with bolts, studs, nuts, gaskets, and other industrial components to prevent loosening that leads to bolt failure and fugitive emissions.
Industrial spring washers achieve optimally tight connections in gasket and packing applications and are self-damping with long service life. Features and benefits of Belleville spring washers include:
  • Maintenance of tight bolted connections
  • Use washers individually or stack in series, parallel, or combination configurations
  • Available in imperial and metric sizes
  • Industry standard and exotic material options
  • Maintain bolt preload to reduce bolted joint failures

Belleville Spring Washer Solutions for Industrial Bolting

Solon Manufacturing Co. provides spring washer solutions for a broad range of industries. We manufacture our Belleville washers in a variety of materials and finishes to meet your requirements for temperature range, corrosion resistance, and yield strength.  Visit our industry pages to learn more about Bellville washer applications.

  •  General Purpose Bolting: Use Belleville spring washers to prevent stress caused by vibration and mechanical movement in a range of bolting applications. General-purpose industries include packaging, automation, machinery, manufacturing, and entertainment.
  • Commercial Applications:  Industries include heavy equipment, packaging, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, pulp and paper, and medical.
  • Electrical Connections:  Use Solon Disc Springs and Belleville Spring Washers to maintain bolted connections and prevent hot spots that lead to arc flash or catastrophic failure.
  • Valve Live Loading: Prevent valve leaks that lead to fugitive emissions with Flange Washers.  
  • Cryogenic Flange Live Loading: Use cold temperature resistant flange washers for valve live loading applications in cryogenic environments.  
  • Elevated Temperature Flange Live Loading: High temperatures and thermal cycling cause stress on flange joints. Prevent tension loss and fugitive emissions with Solon Flange Washers.
  • Structural Bolting:  Belleville Springs provide stability and flexibility required to ensure joint integrity in structural applications.
  • Environmental Bolting:  Corrosion and weather resistant Solon Flange Washers maintain bolt integrity in natural and artificial environments involving corrosive substances.
  • High Cycle Applications: Use DIN/Disc Springs in high cycle applications where there are issues with fatigue and changes in stress.

Learn More About Belleville Washer Applications

Belleville spring washers are highly configurable and come in inch or metric sizes for all your industrial bolting needs. Request a quote for the washers that meet your requirements or contact us if you have additional questions.