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Reduce Fugitive Emissions Using Belleville Springs

One of the most prevalent causes for ball valve leaks is the loss of bolt preload. When Belleville springs are added to the gland as well as the seat spring of a ball valve, they ensure that the bolt preload is retained to greatly reduce fugitive emissions. Additionally, using Solon® Belleville Springs on ball valves can extend the life of packing, improve performance, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Download the White Paper, Using Belleville Springs on Ball Valves

In this white paper, we will discuss the benefit of live loading ball seats and gland followers, placement of Belleville springs around the seat, the application of Belleville springs on floating ball valves, and which material of Belleville springs to use based on the temperature and environment of the application. Download the paper, Using Belleville Springs on Ball Valves for a closer look at ball valve leaks and the benefit of using Solon Belleville Springs. 

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