If a bolt is subjected to cyclic loading, it can be at risk of fatigue failure. Studies have shown that adding Belleville springs to a bolted joint reduces the change in load on a bolt without Belleville springs. Bolts live loaded with Belleville springs last five to ten times longer than bolts with no Belleville springs. Increasing the elasticity through the application of Belleville springs to the fastening system can dramatically improve cycle life of the bolt and eliminate the risk of fatigue failure.

Solon’s infinite bolt life fatigue calculator is a product selection tool that allows you to calculate the recommended Belleville springs and washers needed to increase the elasticity of the bolted connections within your application. Calculated outputs include system elasticity and new load variation rate improvement factors based on relative inputs. Simply complete the fields with information commensurate with your application and our calculator will automatically filter the selection to recommend Solon Belleville Springs & Washers that meet your requirements. 

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