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In cases where sliding hinge joints are used in seismic-resistant structural systems, Belleville springs have been proven to to reduce the post-sliding clamping force, improve self-centering capabilities, increase the factor of system friction, as well as reduce tension and wear (or galling), on the sliding surface. 

Solon Belleville Springs: Reduce Structural Damage During Seismic Activity

Different configurations of Solon® Belleville Springs were used by the University of Auckland Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in New Zealand to determine the influence of the clamping force on the sliding hinge joint. 

It was determined that the installation of Belleville springs at partial deflection are a key element in helping improve the design of the sliding hinge joint beam-column system and decreases the likelihood of structural damage during a severe earthquake.

Download the article, Experimental studies on Belleville springs use in the sliding hinge joint connection

Download the article, Experiemental studies on Belleville springs use in the sliding hinge joint connection, published in the Journal of Contructional Steel Research to learn more about how Belleville springs have a beneficial influence on the sliding hinge joints' asymmetric friction connection, or energy dissipating component, and aids the overall elasticity of the seismic-resistant structural system.