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Belleville springs have been successfully tested to considerably reduce damage in structural systems that are subjected to severe earthquakes. Joint integrity is obviously critical in any structural connection; however, if the connection is too rigid, it can be prone to damage during seismic activity. 

Solon Belleville Springs: Prevent Damage to Structural Members

Solon® Belleville Springs were used by the University of Auckland Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in New Zealand to design and test a live loaded bolted connection. The conclusion of this study was that optimum use of Belleville springs in asymmetric friction sliding structural connections (a sliding high joint / beam-to-column connection) prevents damage to structural members.

Download the article, Stiffness-based approach for Belleville springs use in friction sliding structural connections

Download the article, Stiffness-based approach for Belleville springs use in friction sliding structural connections, published in the Journal of Contructional Steel Research to learn more about the benefits of using Belleville springs in friction sliding connections to prevent damage to structural connections during seismic activity.