Belleville springs are designed to function very similarly to other springs, such as coil springs. However, their physical appearance differs from that of a coil spring. Belleville springs are generally flat, like that of a washer, but are classified as conical springs, since their centers are raised, which creates a cone. This cone shape is what gives a Belleville spring its heavy-duty strength. In contrast, coil springs are typically comprised of coiled metal and are components which create energy when the ends are pushed together. They are commonly used in applications that require a shock absorber, such as a mattress and a bike or car shock.

Choosing a Belleville Spring Washer

A Belleville washer applies uniform pressure to connections instead of at a single point. With Belleville washers, there is a wide variety in load, deflection, size, coating, and applications. There are three factors that should be considered before choosing a Belleville washer, these include:
  • Size
  • Load
  • Environment

Belleville Data Sheet

The Belleville data sheet is a guide to assist you in selecting a suitable Belleville spring product for your project requirement needs. The Belleville data sheet contains answers pertaining to your exact technical specifications.

Belleville Materials and Finishes

Solon Manufacturing offers a wide range of Belleville materials and finishes. Our Belleville guide for materials and finishes is the ideal way to find the material and finish that will work best for your technical specifications and requirements. Our Belleville guide provides detailed information on considerations for material selection, finishing, mechanical plating and deburring.

Belleville Spring Technical Specifications

Solon manufactures a wide variety of springs and washer sizes that meet different tolerance requirements. Our Belleville springs are manufactured from a wide range of materials to fit your specific project requirements. Our technical specifications guide provides all the information that you need regarding our standard tolerances, units of measure and torque calculations.

Belleville Spring Technical Notes

A single Belleville spring has a specific load and deflection. Belleville springs in stacked arrangements provide increased load and/or deflection. Two springs stacked in parallel doubles the load of a single spring with no increase in deflection. Two springs stacked in series doubles the deflection of a spring with no increase in load. The parallel-series combination as shown below results in the load of two springs and the deflection of two springs. Our technical notes with the installation and pre-stressing of your Belleville springs.

Bolt Load Calculator and Torque Calculator

Determine calculated bolt load and torque value based on bolt type, size, lubricant, and unit of measure. These user-friendly tools are provided at no cost to help you select your Solon Belleville Spring and Washer products.

ANSI Flange Live Loading Calculator 

Increase the value of the live loading system by using our calculator tool to quickly design a live loading system for flange applications.

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