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Solon Manufacturing Co. | Belleville Spring Washers

Solon Manufacturing, established in 1949, produces Belleville springs for use in a variety of worldwide industries. Watch the video below to learn more about Solon and our wide selection of springs and washers, available in both imperial and metric sizes.

Live Loading with Solon Flange Washers | Joint Diagram

Live loading of flange joints is a very common application where the bolts act as springs to prevent fugitive emissions. Watch the video below to learn how Solon's Belleville flange washers can help reduce dangerous process leaks.

Live Loading with Solon Flange Washers | Flange Demonstration

Solon's flange fixture demonstrates how live loading works to reduce fugitive emissions. Watch the following video to see how yielding or differential thermal expansion affects standard bolts compared to those that use live loading.

Reduce Bolt Load Scatter Using Solon Belleville Springs

Bolt load scatter occurs when an array of bolts is not tightened correctly and could lead to costly damage or failures. Watch the video below to see how Solon's Belleville springs can help reduce bolt load scatter.

Solon Belleville Washers vs. Lock Washers

Loss of bolt preload can lead to failure or other costly problems in a wide variety of applications. Fortunately, Solon's Belleville springs are a good solution and can improve bolt preload. Watch the video to learn more.


Solon Manufacturing Co. 

Watch the video below for additional details on Solon Manufacturing Co. and our history.