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Solon Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1949 by four Case Western Reserve University engineering graduates: Arnold Siedle, Red Ralston, Joel Carpenter, and Bob Ramsdell. Together, they shared a vision to bring innovation to Northeast Ohio in a post-war industrialism era. Today, Solon Manufacturing Co. continues to thrive on the ideals of its founders—our passion for our company and its stakeholders has led to successful growth initiatives through new products and services. 


We make bolting better.™


Through opportunity and innovation, we will change and adapt to anticipate the needs of our internal and external customers. 


Our core values influence every facet of our business. Integrity, pride and teamwork connect employees, departments and customers.  We are a community with a common purpose. These principles drive the decisions that contribute to our growth and our customers’ success.

  • Think Big
  • Own It
  • Thrive Together

Solon Manufacturing is cognizant of our responsibility to make the world a better place. Awareness of our manufacturing footprint and our humble contributions to the people and communities that support us help us to express our appreciation in being part of the American dream.

Solon Manufacturing Co. fully supports equality and standing up to all forms of injustice. We have a social responsibility to change the narrative on behalf of all minority voices by operating on a higher ethical code and modeling those behaviors so that they manifest in our lives and our work. By educating ourselves and listening, we are committed to the impetus for change to ending systemic racism in our society


With the skills and expertise of our team members, we are always exploring new ways to improve the customer experience. Our agile manufacturing approach means that we can respond to our customers’ needs effectively—giving us a key competitive advantage. Continuous and lean improvement efforts generate forward-thinking, results-oriented solutions.

We proudly support the following organizations: 

                      VMA, Valve Manufacturers Association of America         

                     An illustration of dogs, cats, and a horse, with the words "Proud sponsor of: rescue village, Geauga Humane Society"