Industry Challenges for Emission Reduction

An LNG Tanker out on the waterThe EPA determined that leaking equipment, such as valves, pumps, and connectors are the largest source of fugitive emissions for the oil and gas industry. Environmental concerns regarding leaks mean keeping a watchful eye on problematic equipment.

Flange leaks are often due to differential thermal expansion, creep, relaxation, and high cycle, where traditional methods of bolting flanges do not overcome the effects of these variables. Typically the problem occurs after initial start-up, and subsequent cycling and field repairs tolerate the excessive leaking until the next maintenance schedule. 

Solons Solution for Fugitive Emission Reduction

Solon® Flange Washers enhance performance between maintenance cycles. Available in 17-7 stainless steel and Inconel 718 & X750, Solon Flange Washers maintain the bolt or gasket stress above what is necessary to maintain a leak-free joint.

Solon Flange Washers are designed to maintain sufficient bolt tension and resultant gasket pressure in high-temperature and
high-pressure applications where safety and emission containment take priority. 

Solon Flange Washer Advantages

• Reduce fugitive emissions
• Maintain bolt integrity
• Made in the USA

Customer Benefits

• Economical alternative to costly system enhancements
• Low maintenance

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