Solon Manufacturing Co. Migrating to ISO Standard 19690-2 | Standardizing Belleville Washer Catalog Tolerances

In an effort to standardize our catalog tolerances and make it easier for our customers to choose the correct Belleville springs and washers for their applications and needs, Solon Manufacturing Company will be migrating to ISO 19690-2 Disc Spring, Grade A, specifications for washers listed in our catalog product offering. In doing so, the process for our customers to choose the correct Belleville springs and washers for their applications and needs is simplified, enhancing the user experience.   

Conforming to ISO 19690-2 will ensure a reliable fit of Solon springs and washers into customer applications. A consistent tolerance scheme will eliminate ambiguities and improve precision. Additionally, consistent tolerancing methods can potentially reduce the likelihood of tolerance stack-up problems. 

Standardizing the tolerances of our catalog springs and washers will help streamline our internal processes and hold us to the highest level of quality and excellence that our customers have grown accustomed to. Once current inventory levels are exhausted, all of our standard Belleville springs and washers will comply with ISO 19690-2.

Size, Material & Finishes

Solon’s catalog Belleville springs and washers are available as imperial or metric sizes ranging from .118” (3 mm) to 9.842” (250 mm)

Available in Carbon Steel*, H-13 Tool Steel*, 17-7 PH Stainless Steel, 301 Stainless Steel and Inconel 718 Stainless Steel.

*Carbon Steel comes standard with RoHS 3 compliant Clear Zinc Chromate finish – ASTM B695 Class 12.
H-13 Tool Steel comes standard with Black Oxide finish.

Solon Manufacturing Company also offers specialty and custom washers designed for your requirements; our expert engineering and sales team can help you design, build, and test washers for an array of applications and industries.

Specialty coatings and finishes may include: Natural finish, Yellow Chromate, Zinc flake coatings such as Geomet and Magni, Zinc Phosphate, Nickel Sulfamate plating, Xylan, and passivation.

Performance testing: Load/deflection test, cycle testing, spring rate testing, stack testing

ISO 19690-2 Specifications