Corrosion Resistant Flange Washers for Environmental Bolting

Many industries rely on valves to control, regulate, and direct fluid movement through pipes, pumps, and other passageways. In industrial valve applications, bolts are subject to corrosion, weather/elements, high-contaminants and particulates that can cause premature failure. Loss of bolt tension poses severe risks in high-pressure applications, including the release of fugitive emissions.

Environmental bolting applications involve natural or artificial environments where there is an environmental concern for the spring. Some of these valve applications include:
  • Coastal / Marine applications (offshore, refineries, LNG / FLNG)
  • Sanitary / wash down conditions (food & beverage) 
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Chemical plant
  • Pulp & paper plant
  • Oil exploration
  • LNG / FLNG

Corrosion and Weather Resistant Belleville Flange Washers

Solon Flange Washers are Belleville springs designed for use in environmental bolting industries. Our flange washers are corrosion resistant and weather resistant and maintain bolt tension in high-temperature and high-pressure valve applications. They are a low-maintenance solution for valve applications and provide an economical alternative to costly system enhancements.
Other advantages of Belleville springs and flange washers include:
  • Economical alternative to system enhancements
  • Tolerates higher loads than standard Belleville washers
  • Do not require retorquing after installation
  • Maintains bolt integrity by maintaining flange and gasket contact pressure
  • Increase the elasticity of bolting systems by up to 15 times

Preventing Fugitive Emissions in Environmental Bolting Applications

In the oil and gas industry, leaking valves, pumps, and connectors are proven to be the largest source of fugitive emissions. Causes of leaks include creep, relaxation, differential thermal expansion, and high cycle, all of which typically cannot be handled by standard flange washers. Minimizing leaks and their resulting environmental effects in valve applications requires a washer strong enough to maintain bolt integrity for a leak-free joint.  

Solon Flange Washers are ideal for live loading high-stress bolt connections to prevent gasket joint leaks. We offer a broad range of load options in standard or customized materials so you can find a flange washer that meets your requirements for chemical and temperature resistance. If you need assistance selecting a flange washer, our full-service design engineering and production teams can help you find the right option for your LNG or FNLG application.

Learn More About Belleville Washers for Environmental Bolting Applications  

Solon Manufacturing Co. provides innovative industrial solutions for use across industries and markets worldwide. Our off-the-shelf flange washers and customized products are the perfect solutions for all your environmental bolting needs. 

View our technical resources to learn more about using Belleville washers in environmental bolting applications:Request a quote for corrosion resistant flange washers or contact us for additional information about our environmental bolting products.