Use our new bolt load calculator web tool to determine a Solon calculated bolt load based on bolt type, size, lubricant, torque value and unit of measure. (Try our Solon Torque Calculator to determine the torque value). This user-friendly, no-cost tool will provide you with a Solon calculated bolt load and help further assist you with your Solon Belleville Spring and Washer selections.

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Belleville Springs and Washers for Bolt Preload

A Belleville spring, when being torqued, acts much like a bolt, and increases the preload of the bolted joint. Solon Belleville Springs and Washers are particularly useful where vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation, and bolt creep/yield are problematic. Properly torqued Belleville springs and washers lead to long service-life, self-damping and efficient use of space, and can prevent compromising joint integrity

Bolt Load Video Resources

Learn more about bolt load and how to reduce bolt load scatter in the video below.

How is Bolt Load Calculated?

T = K*F*D
K = Estimated nut friction factor
T = Bolt torque
D = Nominal bolt diameter
Then, F = T / (K*D)

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