A Belleville spring, when being torqued, acts much like a bolt, and increases the preload of the bolted joint. Solon Belleville Springs and Washers are particularly useful where vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation, and bolt creep/yield are problematic. Properly torqued Belleville springs and washers lead to long service-life, self-damping and efficient use of space, and can prevent compromising joint integrity

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How is Bolt Load Calculated?
T = K*F*D
K = Estimated nut friction factor
T = Bolt torque
D = Nominal bolt diameter
Then, F = T / (K*D)

Solon Bolt Load Calculator Tool

Use our new bolt load calculator web tool to determine a Solon calculated bolt load based on bolt type, size, lubricant, torque value and unit of measure. (Try our Solon Torque Calculator to determine the torque value). This user-friendly, no-cost tool will provide you with a Solon calculated bolt load and help further assist you with your Solon Belleville Spring and Washer selections.
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