Industry Challenges

  • Large cylindrical containers at a dairy plantContamination risk
  • Expensive seals
  • Pressure measurement inaccuracies

Solon Solution

Solon’s 2SAN Sanitary Connection Pressure Switch employs a PTFE protected diaphragm and have a 2” Tri-clamp fitting. The diaphragm is mechanically connected to the switch mechanism so there is no risk of fill-fluid affecting performance or contaminating the system. Designed specifically for food, dairy, and other sanitary applications, the 2SAN Sanitary Connection pressure switch eliminates the need for fill-fluid, which also reduces the effect temperature has on the setpoints. 

The range is 2-300 psi (other fitting sizes and/or ranges, including vacuum, are also available).

Solon Sanitary Pressure Switch Advantages

  • Customized, engineered solutions
  • Made in the USA

Customer Benefits

  • Increased pressure measurement accuracies
  • Low contamination risk
  • Economical

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