A large, yellow piece of heavy construction equipment  three yellow excavators lined up
Heavy equipment refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations. Heavy equipment usually comprises five equipment systems: implement, traction, structure, power train, control and information. Heavy equipment functions through the mechanical advantage of a simple machine, the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied. Some equipment uses hydraulic drives as a primary source of motion.

Types of Heavy Equipment

Moving parts subject to mechanical stress can impact life and service factors. Solon's high-quality materials and proven designs ensure minimal downtime where dependability is essential. Industrial strength washers are used to construct numerous types of heavy equipment, some of which include:
  • Earth movers
  • Bulldozers
  • Front-end loaders
  • And more

Large Diameter Washers for Heavy Equipment Applications

A washer is a thin plate (typically disk-shaped) with a hole (typically in the middle) that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut. Large diameter industrial strength washers have the same qualities as standard size washers, but on a much larger scale. Large diameter washers are used for high-load and high-stress applications where extra size and strength is needed to properly secure certain pieces of heavy equipment. Industrial strength washers often have an outer diameter (OD) about twice their inner diameter (ID), but this can vary quite widely.

Chamfered Washers for Vibration & Dynamic Load Control

Chamfered washers are commonly used to secure structural steel within a piece of heavy equipment. In the past, riveting was a common way to connect structural steel. Today, bolting and welding are the primary connection methods. With bolts come washers, chamfered industrial strength washers are specifically designed to protect both the steel and the bolt that are being used to connect pieces of heavy equipment. These types of large diameter washers are utilized to secure heavy equipment with the following characteristics:
  • High-Load
  • High-Stress
  • Vibration Control
  • Dynamic Loads

Industrial Strength Washer Benefits

Within the heavy equipment industry large diameter washers are extremely important. With the help of a bolt, they can connect and secure large heavy pieces of equipment. High-load and high-stress washers are also vitally important when controlling vibration and securing dynamic loads. They are also extremely important in preventing galvanic corrosion.
For proper sizing and other specifications that will assist you in finding the correct large diameter washer for your project needs, check out our flange washer and flat washer sizing guides.

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