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The packaging industry utilizes various types of equipment to seal, package, and transport products. As with most production equipment, this machinery operates at high speeds and generates high levels of vibration. These conditions, along with loss of packing load from high cycle wear, compression set, and thermal expansion, contribute to loss of bolt preload over time.
Maintaining bolt tension and preload helps reduce joint failure that leads to costly equipment downtime. In industrial equipment applications, this requires using specialty washers that have the spring rate required to achieve high load capacity. Belleville springs are conical shaped washers that flatten to produce large loads in a small space. These springs also absorb vibration and help maintain bolted connections in applications where relaxation, bolt creep and yield, and thermal expansion are issues.

Belleville disc springs provide a solution for various types of packaging equipment, including:
  • Plastic packaging machinery: pallet wrappers, bagging equipment, case sealers, and other packaging systems.
  • Thermoforming machines: cut sheet thermoformers, trim press thermoformers, rotary machines, and more.
  • Blister packaging machinery: equipment used to package food, pharmaceuticals, and small consumer goods.
  • Paper box machines: corrugated box making equipment, box folders, automatic packing machines.

Spring Washers for the Packaging Equipment Market

Solon Mfg. products support the rigorous demands of packaging equipment often running on a continuous cycle. Where vibration and stress can loosen bolted connections, and the reliability factor is high, Solon Mfg. products are a proven solution.

We serve the packaging equipment market and other industries to provide springs and washers that deliver the reliability and long service life you seek in bolting products. Our products help you maintain bolt load and will not deform or fatigue under normal operating conditions. They also compensate for vibration and absorb shock to help prevent wear on bolted connections.

Options for Belleville washers and standard washers include:
  • Flat washers: General purpose washers that provide a stable bearing surface for standard bolting applications.
  • Flange washers: Belleville springs designed for live loading in flange applications.
  • DIN/disc springs: Belleville disc springs for applications where exacting tolerances are crucial and that require a large number of deflection cycles.
Our spring washers for packaging equipment come in different materials and finishes to accommodate a wide range of operating temperatures and indoor, outdoor, or corrosive environments. Use our bolt load calculator to determine the load requirements for your packaging application.

Learn More About Using Belleville Spring Washers for Packing Equipment

The packaging industry is demanding and requires equipment that operates reliably under high speeds. Belleville washers absorb vibration and reduce pressure points that lead to loosened bolt connections. We offer springs and washers in imperial or metric sizes and several materials and finishes to meet your specific requirements.

View our technical notes for more information or contact one of our engineers for assistance finding the right Belleville disc spring for your application.