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The front propeller of an aircraft
Solon Belleville Springs & Washers and Solon Pressure Swithc products are a reliable solution for various aviation/aerospace applications.
Solon Belleville Springs are used for maintaining the load on the bolted connections that secure a CATTO propeller onto a personal aircraft. The use of Belleville springs in a series stacking arrangement for this application allows for a more robust propeller installation. For more information about the use of Solon Belleville springs on a CATTO propeller, please visit Propeller Bolt Belleville Washer Retention System

Quality Flat and Spring Washers in Imperial and Metric Sizes

Solon Manufacturing offers various styles of aviation washers in flat and stackable spring styles in imperial and metric options to meet your requirements. Our material and finishing guide provides additional details about our various aircraft washer material options. 

Pressure Switches Are a Dependable Solution for Aerospace and Defense

The quality and dependability of Solon Pressure Switches lend themselves to the demanding challenges of airport ground equipment, such as continuous flow jet engine starting units and mobile HVAC units, where consistent and reliable operation is critical.

Learn more about the use of Solon® Pressure Switches in the Aviation/Aerospace industry:
Case Study: Solon® Pressure Switches - Differential Pressure Switches Ensure Reliable Operation for Airport Ground Support Equipment

Learn More About Solon Products for Aerospace Applications 

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