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Loss of bolt preload leads to loosened joints and bolt failure in farming and agriculture equipment. These issues are commonly caused by high vibration, thermal expansion, bolt creep and yield, and other factors that are seemingly unavoidable in applications involving heavy equipment.

Preventing these issues is possible by maintaining bolted connections with spring washers, also known as Belleville washers. These springs have a unique raised center that flattens under a specific load and applies unified pressure to connections. Belleville springs are a heavy-duty washer that can be used alone or stacked in varying configurations to increase load and deflection rates. Unlike standard washers on the market, these springs support high tension and absorb vibration to keep bolted connections tight.

Belleville disc springs help maintain bolted connections in agricultural equipment such as:
  • Farm equipment including tractors, combine harvesters, and other machines
  • Grain elevator conveyors
  • Flour & feed milling machines
  • Spice-grinding plant machinery
  • Sugar & cocoa processing equipment

Spring Washers for the Agriculture Industry

Environmental challenges that include harsh weather conditions or high levels of particulates in the atmosphere require special features to satisfy explosion-proof and temperature-sensitive applications. Solon Manufacturing Co. considers a variety of safety and quality prerequisites within the design offering of our products.

Our Belleville washers are used in a range of bolting applications. Solon Manufacturing Co. recommends the following washer solutions for the agriculture industry:
  • DIN/disc springs: We designed Belleville disc springs for clutch-brake mechanisms, bearing assemblies, and other heavy equipment components. Stack multiple disc spring to achieve the load your application requires.
  • Imperial and Metric Belleville washers: The conical shape of Belleville washers allows them to deflect at a given rate and produce large loads in a small space. Maintain bolted connections in high vibration applications involving farm machinery and processing equipment.
  • Flat washers: Create a stable bearing surface for washers, nuts, and bolts and reduce contact stress with our general-purpose washers. Pair with our Belleville springs to achieve a tighter and more precise fit.

Learn More About Using Belleville Spring Washers for Agricultural Applications

Solon Manufacturing provides standard washers and Belleville spring washers in several durable materials and an option of imperial and metric sizes. Our Belleville disc springs and flange washers handle a wide operating temperature range and provide varying levels of corrosion resistance for applications involving fuel, chemicals, and other corrosive substances. Use our bolt load calculator to determine your load requirements before selecting a washer or spring.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of using Belleville washers in agriculture equipment and applications.