Film industry tools include boom arms, camera cranes and a range of other equipment are typically used for the production process. Custom-built tools and manufactured production equipment calls for using high quality hardware and components which are critical for ensuring smooth and reliable function.
Washers are an important piece of film industry tool hardware because they absorb vibration and prevent bolts from loosening.  Once loosened, a bolt can cause a wheel or caster to fall off or a camera crane to slip out of position. This type of equipment malfunction can potentially disrupt production or even ruin valuable footage.
Parts, components and mounting systems where washers are used include:
  • Boom arms
  • Camera cranes
  • Casters
  • Wheels
  • Stabilizer systems
  • Sliders
  • Camera bases
  • Vest systems
Filmmakers put a significant amount of time and money into production, so equipment needs to perform to the highest standards. Having the right hardware not only keeps film industry tools assembled but helps ensure quiet and smooth operation of your camera cranes, boom arms and casters.  

Quality Washers Are Essential for Providing Smooth and Quiet Operation

Film making tools include modular equipment for cameras, microphones and other equipment and help provide stability during filming. They help protect cameras from shock and jolting and make it easier to smoothly and quietly maneuver equipment. Washers are used in this equipment as gaskets and in conjunction with threaded fasteners to prevent bolt slippage. Solon Belleville Springs & Washers are a small but important component for keeping equipment secure.
Like other film making tools such as boom arms and camera cranes, camera rigs contain various support and mounting components that are assembled using bolts and other fasteners. When selecting washers and other hardware for film making tools, consider their effect on the following:
  • Camera movement
  • Operating fatigue
  • Stability
  • Mounting capabilities
  • Ability to support the equipment weight

Flat and Spring Washers for Building Stable and Secure Film Industry Tools

Solon Manufacturing can provide Belleville Springs & Washers which are highly configurable and prevent problems like vibration, bolt creep and bolt yield that can result in joint failure.

Belleville springs & washers provide various benefits for camera cranes, boom arms, wheel and casters, including:
  • Smooth and quiet operation for stable filming
  • No fatigue or deformation under normal operating conditions
  • Absorbs shock and compensates vibration to provide smooth and quiet film equipment operation 
  • Maintains bolt preload under normal conditions to keep equipment secure

Washer Options for Casters, Boom Arms and Other Filming Equipment

Solon Belleville Springs & Washers in various materials and sizes for use in a wide range of film industry tools, including:
  • Belleville Spring Washers are compression washers that are conically shaped and designed to deflect, or flatten, at a given rate. These washers can be stacked or used individually, depending on your application’s load and deflection requirements.
  • Flat Washers are general purpose washers that provide a stable bearing surface for nuts and bolts. They distribute fastener loads to reduce the occurrence of relaxed and loosened joint caused by stress.

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