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All facets of manufacturing and production design employ Solon Manufacturing products. From production to MRO, you will find requirements for Belleville springs, washers, and industrial pressure switch controls. The precision and JIT demands of manufacturing facilities, no matter how large or small, make Solon products an easy choice.

Durable & Reliable Manufacturing Process Design Products

Products that are necessary and mandated for certain manufacturing production design functions need to be dependable and reliable. Our products for manufacturing facilities are designed to withstand the day to day rigors of production and manufacturing process design. The following products have been created specifically for use in production design manufacturing facilities where dependability and reliability are required attributes for success.

Pressure Switches

Electro-mechanical and pneumatic pressure switches control and monitor operating conditions and are critical in fluid or gas control. Pressure switches use sensors to determine changes in pressure. They are used for sensing fluid manufacturing process design applications where the sensors either deform or displace proportionally to the applied pressure of the system. Our highly durable pressure switches also rely on certain types of sensors to ensure that manufacturing facilities function at the highest possible levels, these include:
  • Bellows - Bellows pressure sensing assemblies use 316 stainless steel bodies and hydroformed bellows. The hydroformed bellow is welded into the body resulting in a compact, rugged, sensitive assembly.
  • Diaphragm - Actuated switches employ diaphragms for their sensing elements. They are extremely rugged and can be used on an optional range of media. A very sensitive unit can be built to withstand high overpressures and shock by fully supporting the diaphragm and are capable of millions of cycles.
  • Piston - Actuated pressure switches are designed for hydraulic or gas service and constructed to withstand severe shock and vibration. 
Pressure switches within manufacturing facilities are commonly used for compressed air applications and other electro-mechanical functions.

Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Pneumatic actuators for manufacturing facilities provide complete valve automation services. This means that no human interaction is necessary when cycling the valve. In its most basic terms, an actuator is a control mechanism that is operated by an energy source. Within pneumatic actuators the pneumatic pressure moves the internal mechanical parts, which provides the hands-free automation.
Production design facilities that have an air supply that is available for easy linkage will enjoy the benefits of pneumatic valve actuators.


Within manufacturing facilities bolted joints loosen due to a variety of reasons. Belleville Springs and washers are highly durable and reliable, configurable products that are used in conjunction with complementary hardware (bolts/studs and nuts) as well as other industrial components, such as gaskets and packing material. Production design washers are used to achieve an optimally tight connection where high spring loads are desired. 

Manufacturing Process Design Applications

Solon’s products are used for a wide range of production design applications within manufacturing facilities, these include:
  • Factory maintenance 
  • Retrofit/reconditioning
  • Material handling
  • Compressed air
  • Textiles, furniture, chemicals, tires and steel mills

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