Stackable Belleville DIN & Disc Springs

Belleville DIN spring washers and disc spring washers are stackable supporting devices that support a desired load or travel. A Belleville DIN and standard disc washer provide the same overall functionalities, however, the only subtle difference is that a DIN washer is designed to metric standards, while a Belleville disc spring washer is available in standard spec sizes.


Solon Manufacturing Co. offers a line of DIN spec parts for applications when exacting tolerances are crucial. Solon Disc Springs (SDS) conform to the European standards DIN EN 16983 & DIN EN 16984* (formerly DIN 2092 & DIN 2093) and are RoHS compliant. These American-made Belleville springs are effective when a large number of deflection cycles or forces are critical.

* German standard DIN 2092 and DIN 2093 have been incorporated into European standard DIN EN 16983 - quality requirements, dimensions, and DIN EN 16984 - calculation, effective 2/1/17.

Belleville DIN & Standard Spring Washer Options

All Solon Disc Springs are subject to exacting manufacturing and quality control standards. Additionally, all our DIN spec disc springs and Belleville disc spring washers are preset so that they will not significantly relax under load over time. Our standard and DIN coned disc spring washer options include:

  • DIN/SDS are available as standard metric sizes from 2.5mm - 125mm.
  • Available in Carbon Steel, 17-7 PH Stainless Steel, 301 Stainless Steel and Inconel.
  • Carbon steel disc springs are finished with the standard corrosion protection of phosphate oil.

Belleville Disc Spring Applications

Solon Belleville DIN and standard disc spring washers withstand extreme temperatures as well as corrosive environments. Whether you have a custom material specification or unique application challenges, Solon’s full-service design engineering and production teams can help you with your requirements. Our Belleville disc springs washers provide proven results to the following types of applications:

Heavy Equipment – Industries Served
Valve Live Loading – Industries Served

Belleville Disc Spring Stacking Arrangements

When used singly or in stacks, Belleville DIN and disc washers provide numerous applicable advantages when a specific load or travel is desired. Belleville disc springs function positively within conditions that require very high load in confined space or short travel. Under these constraints, it is often not practical or even possible to use a coil spring. Some of the unique ways that Belleville washers can be arranged include:

  • Single
  • Parallel Stack
  • Series Stack
  • Parallel/Series Stacking

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