General Purpose Bolting Applications Across Various Industries

High-temperature bolt yield, vibration, differential thermal expansion, and packing or gasket relaxation all cause bolt tension loss that leads to bolted joint failures. Depending on the application, loss of a sound bolted connection can lead to fugitive emissions or cause equipment failure or catastrophic events.

Belleville springs and washers deflect at a given rate to reduce bolted joint failures by maintaining bolt preload in industrial bolting applications. Our springs produce large loads in small spaces and can reduce preload by a factor of five times or more. Solon's metric and imperial spring washer solutions have a durable yet versatile design for use in industrial applications ranging from stabilizing camera equipment to maintaining bold preload in heavy-duty industrial machinery.   

Learn more about the use of Belleville washers in general-purpose bolting applications:

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General-Purpose Belleville Washer and Bolt Solutions

Belleville springs and washers from Solon Manufacturing Co. are highly configurable and designed for compatibility in a range of general-purpose bolting applications. View our specifications, datasheets, and calculators for additional details about our bolted connection solutions.
  • Packaging: Vibration stress can loosen bolted connections and cause equipment failure.
    • Plastics
    • Thermoforming
    • Blister
    • Food & beverage
  • Automation: Prevent deformation or fatigue under normal operating conditions, absorbs shock, compensate for vibration, maintain bolt preload, predictable load-deflection
    • Robotics
  • Machinery: Reduce vibration that leads to loss of bolt tension and absorbs shock for smoother operation.
    • CNC tool changer
    • Machine element
    • Die sets
    • Fail-safe brake assemblies
    • Spindles
    • Clamps
  • Heavy Equipment: Moving parts are subject to mechanical stress. Our bolts and washers minimize these stresses by reducing shock and vibration.
    • Bulldozers
    • Earthmovers
    • Front-end loaders
    • Hydraulic punch press
  • Manufacturing: Loss of bolt tension results in mechanical failure. Our washers maintain bolt pre-load to prevent loosening and subsequent bolt failure.
    • Factory maintenance
    • Retrofit / reconditioning
    • Material handling
    • Textiles
    • Furniture
    • Chemicals
    • Tires
    • Steel mills
    • Fabricated metal products
  • Entertainment: Equipment sensitive to vibration or shock require tight connections with high spring loads. Solon's industrial-strenth spring washers provide the secure and flexible connections required to eliminate bolt creep and other issues.
    • Camera dolly track
    • Target rifles (paintball guns/air guns)
    • Crossbows
    • Fishing reels

Learn More About Our Washer and Bolt Solutions  

Solon Manufacturing Co. is an ISO 9001:2015 company that provides washer products and other engineered solutions for industries worldwide. Contact us today for more information about using Belleville Spring Washers for general-purpose bolting applications.