Commercial Bolting Applications with Belleville Spring Washers

Belleville spring washers are conical shaped discs that deflect at a given rate. These springs are designed to produce large loads in a very small space and help maintain bolt preload by preventing bolt tension loss caused by vibration, relaxation, thermal expansion, and high-temperature yield.
Solon’s industrial spring washer solutions come in imperial or metric sizes and can be used in single or stacked variation, depending on the load and level of deflection your application requires. Our industrial spring washers are used in various commercial bolting applications including packaging, heavy equipment, manufacturing, medical, pulp and paper, aerospace, and transportation. 
Learn more about the use of Belleville washers in commercial bolting applications:
Technical White Paper: Using Belleville Springs to Maintain Bolt Preload
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Spring Washer Applications for the Commercial Industry

Solon Manufacturing Co. offers spring washer solutions designed for use with gaskets and other industrial components. View our data sheets and calculators to access tools designed to help you select the right solution for your spring washer application.  
  • Heavy Equipment: Maintain bolt preload in moving parts subject to mechanical stress. Our spring washer solutions include a range of bolt sizes and diameters for your heavy equipment bolting needs.
    • Bulldozers
    • Earthmovers
    • Front-end loaders
    • Hydraulic punch press
  • Packaging: Vibration stress can loosen bolted connections and lead to costly mechanical issues and equipment downtime. Maintaining bolt preload reduces vibration and other factors that lead to bolt failure.
    • Plastics
    • Thermoforming
    • Blister
    • Food & beverage
  • Aerospace: Maintain bolt load and torque in demanding applications. We provide spring washer solutions in materials and finishes that meet stringent aerospace specifications.
    • CATTO propeller
    • Space exploration
  • Manufacturing: Keeping your bolted connections secure prevents bolt stress and loosening on high speed and high-volume production lines. Our washers and bolts effectively maintain bolt preload to reduce bolted joint failures.   
    • Factory maintenance
    • Retrofit / reconditioning
    • Material handling
    • Textiles
    • Furniture
    • Chemicals
    • Tires
    • Steel mills
    • Fabricated metal products
  • Transportation: Vibration, bolt stretch and fatigue failure on heavy axle load/high traffic can lead to joint loosening and frequent maintenance.
    • Ski lifts
    • Motorcycles
    • High-performance racecars
    • Railroad
      • Tracks
      • Joints
      • Frog crossings
      • Turnouts
  • Pulp & Paper: Use Belleville springs and washers to reduce mechanical stress and maintain bolt preload on processing equipment throughout your facility.
  • Medical: Vibration can damage sensitive medical equipment and machinery. We offer several spring washer solutions to help protect equipment by keeping your bolted connections secure.
    • Moveable medical equipment
    • X-ray machines
    • Hospital equipment

We Provide Spring Washer Solutions for Commercial Bolting Applications

Solon Belleville Springs and washers are highly configurable and designed to maintain bolt load in a range of industrial and commercial applications. Contact us for more information or to discuss your unique bolting needs.