Flange Live Loading Reduces Leaks in Cryogenic Applications

Flange live loading with flange washers manufactured with precipitation-hardened stainless steel are ideal in cryogenic applications where cold temperatures and corrosion are factors in process leaks and fugitive emissions. 
  • Low-temperature pipe flanges
  • LNG / FLNG
  • Compressors
  • Hydraulic pumps

LNG/Cryogenic Flange Live Loading Calculator

Increase the value of the cryogenic live loading system by using our calculator tool to quickly design a live loading system for flange applications. This interactive tool assists with the design of the flange washer system based on inputs relative to flange size, environment and bolting information under normal assembly conditions. Output includes the recommended Solon Flange Washers, stacking arrangement and quantity recommendations and assembly notes, along with quick access to specification reports and the capability to submit a quote request directly to our sales team.          

Designed and manufactured by Solon Manufacturing Co., Solon Flange Washers withstand extreme temperatures as well as corrosive environments. Whether you have a custom material specification or unique application challenges, Solon’s full-service design engineering and production teams can help you with your requirements.

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