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Paper making machine washers are an important piece of hardware because they help reduce vibration that can lead to equipment malfunction. Paper manufacturing equipment produces large quantities of paper at high speeds, and each section contains a series of rollers that push the continuous sheets of paper through the equipment. There is a significant amount of vibration resulting from this process and the constant movement can increase wear making components more susceptible to failure.
Paper machine roller washers from Solon Manufacturing are made from strong materials and designed to withstand constant vibration and prevent malfunction of moving parts including rollers and slicers. They can be used to prevent bolt slippage caused by vibration in a range of commercial and domestic equipment including: egg tray making machines, pulpers, kraft paper machines, slat conveyors, newsprint paper making machines, paper mill vibrating screens, and more.

Paper Making Machine Washers Help Reduce Vibration and Prevent Equipment Failure

Solon Manufacturing provides paper machine roller washers in different configurations to meet your operating requirements. Solon’s paper making machine washers are a durable and reliable solution and offered in the following options: 
  • Belleville Spring Washers include DIN and spring discs, flange washers, imperial washers and metric washers that are commonly used to prevent vibration in bearing assemblies. These paper machine roller washers have a conical shape and can be used individually or stacked depending on your application requirements.
  • Flat Washers are for general applications and provide a stable bearing surface for nuts and bolts. They reduce contact stress on components by distributing faster loads over a greater surface and are offered in a range of imperial sizes. Solon flat washers can be used in conjunction with Belleville springs to achieve an optimally tight and more precise fit in your equipment.

Material Selection for Paper Machine Roller Washers

Considerations in selecting a washer material include operating temperature, operating environment, bolt material compatibility and application. Many of Solon’s paper making machine washer materials can withstand low and high temperatures and provide resistance to water and chemicals used in the paper making process. Solon’s paper machine roller washer material options include:
  • Bronze
  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel
  • Tool steel

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