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Fluid management and fluid filtration are areas in which proper pressure switch performance is extremely important. Within fluid management applications, Solon Pressure Switches are necessary to properly control pump mechanisms. In its simplest form, a pressure switch is a device capable of detecting a pressure change, and at a predetermined level, opening or closing an electrical contact. The electrical contact within this scenario is the pressure switch, which allows for the proper amount of fluid transfer within a fluid filtration application.

Choosing a Pressure Switch for Proper Fluid Management

When selecting a pressure switch for fluid management applications the following steps can assist you in determining what type of switch to use.
  • Customize a Solon Pressure Switch using our Pressure Switch Part Builder tool
  • Determine the failure mode. For example, if the switch does not actuate at the desired pressure, the problem could be cycle fatigue. Understanding system dynamics and the type of switch will help in diagnosis of the problem.
  • Based on the failure mode, consider replacing the switch with one that better suits system dynamics and operating needs. The goal is to eliminate the failure mode. In this example, if the switch type currently used is a diaphragm switch and the system cycles rapidly, the solution could be to select a diaphragm-piston switch.

Fluid Management Pressure Switch Benefits

Ideal for harsh and unpredictable environments, industrial weather-tight pressure switches are NEMA and NEMA4X-rated to help insulate your valuable assets in outdoor and wash-down conditions. Our fluid filtration switches offer the following benefits:
  • Ability to control pump valves
  • Accurate repeatable settings
  • Prevent excessive cycling
  • Waterproof/weather-tight solution for outdoor and wash-down conditions
  • UL Listed Explosion-Proof models available for hazardous locations
  • Economical
Pressure Switches for Proper Fluid Management
There are numerous types of pressure switches that can be utilized depending on your specific application needs. The types of pressure switches that we carry that are best suited for fluid filtration and fluid management, include:


These harsh environment pressure switches provide extra safety, security, and protection where fire and explosion safety are critical. The pressure switches’ explosion-proof construction provides harsh environment advanced heavy-duty protection, while the switches’ compressed design allows for an unassuming integration into customized systems or equipment. Explosion-proof pressure switches are ideal have the following fluid management applications:
  • Water filtration
  • Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Agriculture irrigation switches


A low differential pressure switch is an electro-mechanical device that operates on the basic principles of levers and opposing forces. They are mainly used for detecting a difference in pressure between two points in a system. Differential pressure switches are ideal for the following types of fluid management applications:
  • Boilers & HVAC
  • Reactors
  • Irrigation pressure switches


This type of fluid filtration pressure switch offers water and corrosion resistant features. Weather-tight switches are ideal for harsh and unpredictable environments. They also provide insulation for your valuable assets in outdoor and wash-down conditions. This type of pressure switch is ideal for the following types of fluid management operations:
  • Fluid filtration
  • Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
Learn more about the use of our products in fluid filtration applications:
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