Metric Belleville Spring Washers

A Belleville spring is a conically shaped disc that will deflect (flatten) at a given rate. This spring rate is usually very high, allowing the spring to produce high spring loads in tight spaces. We stock a variety of standard metric sizes.

Available Metric Sizes: 

  • Belleville springs are available as standard metric sizes from 4mm - 80mm
  • Flange washers are available as standard metric sizes from 6mm - 110mm
  • DIN/Solon Disc Springs are available as standard metric sizes from 2.5mm - 125mm

Typical Belleville Spring Diagram

Metrics Belleville Springs

Designed and manufactured by an American Belleville spring manufacturer, Solon Manufacturing Co., Solon Belleville conical spring washers are used in a variety of applications across many different environments. These springs are used to maintain bolt preload by preventing bolt tension loss due to differential thermal expansion, high-temperature bolt yield, packing and gasket relaxation, and vibration. Solon Manufacturing manufactures a complete line of Belleville springs and washers for use on bolting applications. They are available in several types of materials and finishes to suit the needs of the end-user.

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