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Flange Washers

Certain industries that utilize piping flange joint assemblies, such as petrochemical, dictate a low tolerance for fugitive emissions. Valve live loading, which is a process imperative to controlling valve leaks in piping and refining operations, depends on the mission-critical performance. It is estimated that up to 92% of all flange leaks are caused by insufficient bolt preload. Solon Flange Washers are designed to maintain sufficient bolt tension and resultant gasket pressure in high temperature and high pressure applications where safety and emission containment take priority. A Belleville spring and flange washer combination will provide additional clamping pressure and support.


Imperial: (ft. - lbs.) = .2 x Bolt Diameter (in.) x Load (lbs.) / 12
Metric: (N-m) = .2 x Bolt Diameter (mm) x Load (N)