Flat Washers for Belleville Springs

In applications involving vibration or other forms of mechanical stress, creating a secure connection is critical. Designed for a more general-purpose, flat or plain washers are often used with a Belleville spring, nut, or bolt head to provide a stable bearing surface. Distributing fastener loads over a greater surface not only makes it easier to tighten and loosen fasteners but reduces contact stress that can lead to relaxation and loosened joints.

When used with a Solon Belleville Spring, plain washers also help you achieve a tighter and more precise fit, creating a safer and more secure connection. Situations where you might need to use a plain washer for Belleville springs include electrical connections and equipment, utility equipment, busbars, ship building, and other demanding applications. 

Imperial Flat Washers Designed for High-Performance Environments

Solon is a flat washer manufacturer offering an array of quantities and standard imperial sizes up to 2” D. While similar in design to the plain washers found at a typical hardware store, our flat washers for Belleville springs are engineered and manufactured for exceptional durability and performance, even in harsh operating environments.

We specialize in helping people match theright plain washer to their Belleville springs, eliminating the need to work with multiple manufacturers. Tell us your application requirements and we will provide a Belleville spring and plain washer combination that meets your needs. 

Durable Plain Washer Materials Withstand Tough Operating Conditions

Durable materials like 17-7PH and 301 stainless steel and Inconel 718 provide high yield strength, resist corrosion, and withstand exposure to high temperatures. Thee hard materials also minimize embedment of Belleville springs in surfaces. We can also provide flat washers with alternative material conditions to meet specific application and industry requirements for finishing, plating, or Rockwell Hardness. 

A Trusted Flat Washer Manufacturer Providing Solutions for All Industries 

OEMs and distributors from various industries and markets across the globe trust Solon as their flat washer supplier. We have a strong commitment to quality and are certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.  You never have to worry about quality when you work with us.

Find the standard flat washers and Belleville springs you need online or send us quote request with your customization requirements.