5PSBD Differential Switch

Model Number: 5PSBD

  • Ranges from 0-15 psid - 0-5000 psid
  • NEMA 4X, 12 & 13 housing
  • One or two SPDT contacts
  • Adjustable deadband available

Product Summary

Solon's Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches provide extra safety, security, and protection where fire and explosion safety is critical. The pressure switches' explosion-proof construction provides harsh environment heavy-duty protection, while the switches' compressed design allows for an unassuming integration into customized systems of equipment. Solon's explosion-proof series employs a cast-aluminum housing that is both explosion-proof and weather-tight. 

What's Included

  • Cast-aluminum housing available in explosion-proof or weather-tight options
  • Frictionless switching mechanism, which amplifies the movement of the switching element, resulting in improved life, repeatability, and lower deadbands.
  • Available with one or two SPDT electric switches that are independently adjustable, which are available in a variety of configurations, including adjustable deadband, DPDT, high/low operation, & manual reset
  • Switch configurations can be supplied with low deadband, high direct current ratings, gold contacts, hermetically-sealed contacts
  • S/S bellows

Reliability & Performance

Solon's Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches are suitable for numerous types of potentially hazardous applications. These types of security and safety issues can include safety panels with pump and gas compressors, turbines, or other types of similar applicable circumstances. Explosion-proof pressure switches are also designed for hazardous locations where an explosion-proof switch is required.

Solon Pressure Switches are unique due to their frictionless switching mechanism, which amplifies the movement of the switching element, resulting in improved life, repeatability, and lower deadbands.

Unlike most "inline" pressure switch designs, the frictionless Solon mechanism amplifies the movement of the sensing element.

Proven Quality

Solon Manufacturing Co. offers reliable, rugged and robust solutions no matter how simple or challenging your application. As a leading manufacturer of pressure switches since 1960, Solon delivers confidence with every pressure switch product you receive. We are so committed to your satisfaction, that we offer a 10-year guarantee of all pressure switch products.*

*Please read our terms and conditions for full details of our warranty, which is valid 12 months from invoice for workmanship and materials. The Solon Guarantee assures product will function as stated for the life of the product provided product is not misapplied. Products returned under Guarantee claim will be replaced or reworked at the Seller's discretion. Guarantee registration form must be returned to the manufacturer once completed. The form does not need to be completed by a purchaser in order to be valid.