2SAN Sanitary Switch

Model Number: 2SAN

  • *Ranges 2-300 psi
  • NEMA 4 & 12 housing
  • Elastomer diaphragm
  • 2" Tri-clamp connection
  • No fill-fluid


  • Designed for food, dairy, and other sanitary applications 
  • Features an elastomer (EPDM or PTFE) diaphragm sensing element that is manufactured in accordance with 3-A Sanitary Standard No. 37-01
  • Frictionless switching mechanism, which amplifies the movement of the switching element, resulting in improved life, repeatability, and lower deadbands.
  • Available with one or two SPDT electric switches that are independently adjustable
  • Eliminates the need for fill-fluid, which could contaminate sanitary systems and also reduces the effect temperature has on set points
  • Other fitting sizes and/or ranges (including vacuum) are available*