Industrial Gas and Fluid Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are depended on safety devices, alarms, and as other control elements within the system. They control and monitor operating conditions and are critical in fluid or gas control. Pressure switches used in industrial applications need to be dependable, long-lasting, and accurate to maintain the operation of machinery and systems.

Pneumatic pressure switches from Solon Manufacturing Co. are built to last. We offer a full spectrum of industrial pressure switches in a variety of configurations designed to suit a wide range of applications. However simple or challenging your requirements, our application engineers are available to help you determine product suitability and select a model appropriate to your needs.
Many of Solon's components are “off the shelf,” and we can combine a variety of switch functions to produce a highly specialized switch to meet your needs. Our industrial pressure switches can be shipped the same day.

Choosing an Industrial Pressure Switch

Pressure switches are critical in fluid or gas control. When deciding what kind of pressure switch to buy for your application, quality, longevity, and accuracy are all extremely important. It’s also important that your pressure switch will stand up to the conditions it will be used in.
Depending on your application, you may need a base model with no environmental considerations. However, challenging or rugged conditions may dictate a more robust model that includes weather-tight or explosion-proof options.
Your Solon Manufacturing Co. application engineer will be able to help you find the right model to fit your needs.

Performance Under Pressure

Solon Manufacturing Co. delivers confidence with every pressure switch product you receive. We are so committed to your satisfaction that we offer a 10-year guarantee on all pressure switch products*.

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Switches

All Solon pressure switches are suitable for use in intrinsically safe systems because they are considered “simple apparatus,” which are very low power or passive devices that will not cause ignition. Simple devices may be safely integrated into IS systems when combined with intrinsically safe barriers. Solon suggests specifying gold contacts, which ensures reliable contact when used with the very low voltages and currents that the intrinsically safe barriers use.

Customize Your Quality Pneumatic Pressure Switches

Solon offers a variety of features, so you get a pressure switch that meets your exact needs. To learn more about our pressure switches or to customize your own, click one of the links below:

Types of Sensors for Pressure Switches

Pressure switches use sensors to determine changes in pressure. Pressure switches used for sensing fluid pressure contain sensors that deform or displace proportionally to the applied pressure of the system.
Solon® Pressure Switches have three different sensors available:

Bellows:  These are sensing elements that are used in pressure switches designed for sensing fluid pressure. These dependable sensors are welded into the body, making them compact, rugged assemblies. Solon Manufacturing Co. uses a Helium Mass Spectrometer leak detection system that ensures there is no measurable leakage in the field.

Diaphragm: These sensors use diaphragms as sensing elements, making them extremely rugged. They are high quality, sensitive units that are built to last, withstanding high overpressures and shock.  The diaphragm is fully supported and is capable of lasting a long time, for millions of cycles.

A variety of materials are available for diaphragms, including:
  • Buna-N
  • Viton
  • Kalrez
  • PTFE protection
Piston: Pressure switches that use piston sensors are ideal for hydraulic or gas service. With a reinforced PTFE seal that is spring-energized, they are able to withstand severe shock and vibration. They are reliable, consistent switches that provide millions of cycles for your application needs.

Contact Solon Manufacturing Co. for Fluid Pressure Switches

We are a pressure switch manufacturer that is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most dependable pressure switches in the industry. Our custom pressure switches are known for their high performance and vast customization options.

Contact us for more information on any of our industrial pressure switches, or request a quote.

*Please read our terms and conditions for full details of our warranty, which is valid 12 months from an invoice for workmanship and materials. The Solon Guarantee assures product will function as stated for the life of the product provided product is not misapplied. Products returned under Guarantee claim will be replaced or reworked at the Seller’s discretion. Guarantee registration form must be returned to the manufacturer once completed. The form does not need to be completed by a purchaser in order to be valid.