Custom Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches for Harsh Environments

An explosion-proof pressure switch provides extra safety, security, and protection where fire and explosion safety is critical. The pressure switches’ explosion-proof construction provides harsh environment advanced heavy-duty protection, while the switches’ compressed design allows for an unassuming integration into customized systems or equipment. Solon’s explosion-proof series provides a cast aluminum housing that is both explosion-proof and weather-tight.

Explosion-Proof Pressure Switch Features & Benefits

Solon’s harsh environment pressure switches provide features and benefits that provide numerous explosion-proof security and safety benefits, these include:
  • Explosion-proof
  • Cast-aluminum housing
  • Weather-Tight
  • Pressure sensing elements
  • UL approved for hazardous locations

Explosion-Proof Pressure Switch Applications

Harsh environment pressure switches are suitable for numerous types of potentially hazardous applications. These types of security and safety issues can include safety panels with pump and gas compressors, turbines, or other types of similar applicable circumstances. Explosion-proof pressure switches are also designed for hazardous locations where an explosion-proof switch is required.

Special Features
How to Configure a Pressure Switch

Heavy-duty explosion-proof pressure switches are used for applications within a wide variety of industries including:

Process Market:

Industrial Market:

  • Pumps, Compressors, and Turbines
  • Specialized OEM Equipment
The Explosion-Proof series may be used in almost any corrosive process. Ask your Solon application engineer if the Explosion-Proof series is right for your requirement. As an added benefit Solon Manufacturing Co. Explosion-Proof models are UL listed.

Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches in the Field

Explosion Proof Pressure SwitchSolon’s Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches are the primary switch used on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (pictured).  ‚Äč

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