Watchman SF6

Watchman SF6 WM100

The Watchman SF6 product line offers portable and reusable SF6 gas density monitoring devices that identify gas leaks and assure that repairs are effective. This level of preventive maintenance allows you to focus your resources on other priorities.

The AutoFill feature allows users to remotely maintain SF6 gas density on leaking circuit breakers without taking assets out of service. The ability to refill tanks remotely means protecting your real assets—your people.

The advanced communication device, optional on all Watchman SF6 models, offers sophisticated monitoring for managing field assets. Available via wireless connection for remote locations or a handheld device (tablet) where network access is unavailable, the Solon Mfg. communication device streamlines asset management by safely and effectively monitoring SF6 activity.



The Watchman SF6 is a feature-rich gas monitoring system that manages your leaking assets, monitors known leaks, and extends the life of your equipment. The versatile Watchman SF6 - designed by our engineering team - uses proprietary, patented technology that measures temperature and pressure accurately, inferring true density despite wide, rapid temperature swings.
  • Reliable in extreme temperatures
  • Easy & secure access via USB plug-in, mobile device, or remote access (tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone) or with Solon Mfg.- supplied hand-held device
  • Works on any circuit breaker
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac (no additional software required)
  • Reports days to alarm
  • Portable 
  • Easy to install
  • EPA data easily and accurately captured in report-friendly format
  • Condition-based maintenance