Predictive Maintenance with the Watchman SF6 AutoFill Monitor

The Watchman SF6 AutoFill continuously monitors SF6 gas density. Unlike any other device in the world, the AutoFill model combines patented technology and engineering expertise to safely and effectively replace SF6 gas while the breaker is energized. The Watchman SF6 AutoFill extends the life of leaking assets by ensuring no outages due to loss of dielectric insulation. 

Both the Watchman SF6 and the Watchman SF6 AutoFill connect to any leaking asset to monitor and maintain proper gas density until repaired, preventing unscheduled service calls and outages while providing advanced notice of SF6 gas leaks. 
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reliable in extreme temperatures
  • Easy & secured access via USB plug-in, mobile device, or remote access (tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone) or with Solon Mgf. supplied handheld device
  • Works on any circuit breaker
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac (no additional software required)
  • Reports days to alarm
  • Portable 
  • Easy to install
  • EPA data easily and accurately captured in report-friendly format
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Maintains proper SF6 gas density automatically
  • Customizable auxiliary ports for special functions
  • Eliminate low SF6 alarms
  • Data allows users to make educated decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, replacements
  • Extend equipment lifespan by executing a more focused maintenance schedule

It is ultimately user’s responsibility to determine product suitability. Solon Mfg. is not responsible for product that is ordered incorrectly, misused, or misapplied. Contact a Solon engineer for recommended guidelines on product use.