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Reducing contamination risks whenever possible is essential, especially within the food and beverage industry. For the protection of consumers, there should be no contamination risks associated with instruments and assemblies’ production. As a result, the sterile boundary must be maintained within every phase of the process. In the sensitive processes of the food and beverage industry the human risk factor must be reduced to a minimum.

Sanitary Pressure Switch Applications

Sanitary and clean-room are often critical requirements in food and beverage processing. When a wash-down environment requires FDA approved components and/or materials, Solon Mfg. products offer water-tight options and a variety of stainless steel materials designed around these stringent conditions. Some of the applications associated with sanitary connection pressure switches for the food and beverage industry, include:
  • Canning
  • Packaging
  • Starch 
  • Candy processing
  • Brewery equipment
  • Dairy processing equipment

Sanitary Connection Pressure Switch Benefits

Where clean room and other sanitary demands prevail, the Solon model 2SAN sanitary fittings pressure transducer with diaphragm sensing element is ideal. With the same rugged capabilities as every other Solon Mfg. pressure switch, the 2SAN has no need for fill fluid. Fill fluid has been known to contaminate sanitary systems found in the food, beverage, dairy, packaging and medical industries since the diaphragm is mechanically connected to the switch mechanism. Solon’s high-performance tri-clamp sanitation switch is free of fill fluid and is perfect for the food and beverage industry. Some of the benefits, include:
  • Increased pressure measurement accuracies
  • Low contamination risk
  • Economical

Sanitary Pressure Switch Options

There are a wide range of sanitary pressure switch types that can be utilized depending on your specific application needs. The pressure sensing instruments that we carry that are best suited to reduce contamination risks, include:

Sanitary Connection

Our sanitary connection switches employ a PTFE protected diaphragm and have a 2” Tri-clamp fitting. The diaphragm is mechanically connected to the switch mechanism so there is no risk of fill-fluid affecting performance or contaminating the system. These high-performance sanitary fittings are designed specifically for food, dairy, and other sanitary applications. Our 2SAN sanitary connection pressure switch eliminates the need for fill-fluid, which also reduces the effect temperature setpoints.


This type of fluid filtration pressure switch offers water and corrosion resistant features. Weather-tight switches are ideal for harsh and unpredictable environments. They also provide insulation for your valuable assets in outdoor and wash-down conditions. The modular design of pressure-sensing elements accommodates high/low and differential pressure using diaphragm, bellows or piston for actuation. Also available in Differential and Vacuum models. 
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