Custom Built Pressure Switches

Pressure switches sense a difference in air or fluid pressure between two points and send electrical feedback to a monitoring system. They contain a pressure sensing element, either a diaphragm or a bellows, that deforms or displaces proportionally to the applied pressure. That motion is then applied to a set of switch contacts. In some applications, pressure switches are also connected to an alarm that sounds once pressure rises above or falls below the predetermined pressure level.

Pressure Switches for Gas and Fluid Monitoring Systems

Custom-built pressure switches from Solon Manufacturing have a reputation for high performance. Our pressure switches adjust easily for different set points by moving the contacts or adjusting tension in a counterbalance spring. An option of standard, water tight or explosion-proof housings and temperature-resistant components allows our pressure switches to be used in any operating environment.
Options for custom-built pressure switches include:
  • Pressure Switches: Are used in pressurized fluid applications to close an electrical contact when the device senses a rise or fall in pressure. When a difference is sensed, the sensing element deforms to activate a switch that triggers an alarm or flow control mechanism.
  • Differential Pressure Switches: Electro-mechanical devices that use differential air pressure to sense the static pressure difference between two sources. When there is a rise or fall in pressure, the internal sensing element deflects and actuates a pre-set electric switch. The pressure switch then triggers an alarm or an automatic shut-off for the system.
  • Vacuum Switches: Sense the relative pressure difference between a process pressure and vacuum. They feature a diaphragm and Belleville spring that actuates when a pre-set level is reached and can measure negative pressure.
Customize a Solon Manufacturing differential, pressure or vacuum switch by using our new part builder tool or contact us for assistance selecting a product.

Configuration Options for Custom Built Pressure Switches

Our differential pressure switches, pressure switches, and vacuum switches can be configured to meet your exact operating needs. Standard configuration options for custom-built pressure switches include:
  • Model series family
  • Housing type, including water tight and explosion-proof
  • Sensing element
  • Type and number of electric switches
  • Pressure range
  • Special features including trim base, PTFE protected diaphragm, Viton™ diaphragm, epoxy paint, and high-temperature components
Additionally, our differential pressure switches can be customized with the following features:
  • Bellows actuated two-way differential pressure
  • Diaphragm actuated two-way differential pressure
  • Double diaphragm two-way differential pressure
  • High pressure-low differential pressure
  • High-pressure two-way differential pressure
  • Special trim diaphragm differential pressure

Request a Quote for Custom Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches

Use the product configurators to request a quote for your custom-built pressure switch or contact us to discuss your unique application requirements. Our pressure switch resources also provide helpful information to assist you in selecting the right pressure switch.