Industry Challenges

A pipeline in Alaska, surrounded by green grass and mountains
Pipelines often pass through severe environments. Controls must be able to withstand corrosive environments in addition to cycling, shock, vibration, earthquakes and inclement weather. The product flowing through pipelines is often flammable or explosive. Many of the locations are classified as hazardous, requiring explosion-proof equipment.

Solon's Explosion-Proof Pressure Switch Solution Solution

Solon’s Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches have rugged, cast enclosures and are available with explosion-proof and weathertight ratings. Additionally, our explosion-proof model series are designed to withstand full vacuum and overpressure without shifting set points beyond their tolerances, and available
with a number of useful, special features such as manual resets and external

Ideal for hazardous locations, Solon Manufacturing Co. Explosion-Proof Pressure                 A solon pressure switch attached to machinery at an outdoor plant
Switches employ a rugged and sensitive switching mechanism. Unlike most “inline”
pressure switch designs, the Solon mechanism is frictionless and amplifies the
movement of the sensing element.This results in improved life, repeatability,
and lower deadbands. 

The ability to have up to four independently adjustable UL listed contacts makes this model series unique in the industry. These electric switches are available in a variety of configurations including adjustable switch differential (deadband), D.P.D.T. (double-pole, double throw), high-low operation, and manual reset.

Solon Explosion Proof Pressure Switch Advantages

  • “Frictionless” mechanism
  • Rugged designs
  • Customized engineered solutions
  • Made in the USA

Customer Benefits

  • UL Listed Explosion-Proof models available for hazardous locations
  • A weather-tight solution for outdoor conditions
  • Accurate, repeatable setting
Solon’s Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches were selected as the primary switch used on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. The modular design of the pressure-sensing elements allows a variety of models for different pressure applications and a wider variety of wetted materials. Explosion-Proof models are ideal for industries such as: 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum
  • Power generation
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • Chemical
  • Water filtration
  • Petrochemical
  • Agriculture

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