Industry Challenges

An aircraft parked on a docking station
  • Overpressure of supply ductwork in jet engine starting units
  • Regulate compressor loading pressure in mobile HVAC units

Solon Differential Pressure Switch Solutions

Solon® Differential Pressure Switches offer high quality and dependability to the demanding challenges of airport ground support equipment such as continuous flow jet engine starting units and mobile HVAC units.

Continuous Flow Jet Engine Starting Units

These units are typically diesel powered screw compressors producing 100-400 lbs per minute up to 40 psi. Solon Differential Pressure Switch models are used to prevent an overpressure of supply ductwork by putting the compressor into bypass mode when the supply pressure exceeds 40 psi.

Aircraft Ground Heating & Air Conditioning Units

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of airport ground support equipment use Solon Differential Pressure Switches to control compressor loading in the mobile heat pump/air conditioners according to refrigerant gas pressure. Solon’s dual contact pressure switches monitor and control suction gas pressure and discharge gas pressure constantly to ensure reliable operation.

Solon Differential Pressure Switch Advantages

  • Customized, engineered solutions
  • Made in the USA

Customer Benefits

  • Frictionless switching element
  • Fewer maintenance cycles
  • Economical

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