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FAQ's/ Technical Papers/ Editorials

FAQ's/ Technical Papers/ Editorials

Solon Manufacturing Company offers a variety of technical documents to meet your needs.

FAQ's- Belleville Springs and Flange Washers Belleville washer

   Solon engineers answer your common questions.


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   Using Belleville Springs to Maintain Bolt Preload

   Why do Gasketed Joints Leak?

   Valve Live Loading using Belleville Springs

   Maintain Bolt Preload on Electrical Connections



"Belleville Springs in Valves"

    Solon manufactures Belleville springs (disc springs) for many valve applications 

    including live loading on gland followers, flanges and bonnets, and ball seats

    See our editorial in Valve Magazine, Spring 2012.

"Using Belleville Springs on Ball Valves"

Belleville springs offer tremendous product advantages to ball valves. Learn about the

uses in our editorial in Valve World Americas, November 2012.



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