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Belleville Springs

Belleville Springs

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Solon Belleville Springs 

Keeping Your Bolted Joints Tight

Belleville Products:

  • Solon Belleville Washers
  • Solon Flange Washers
  • Solon Disc Springs

The above types of Belleville springs maintain bolt preload, saving your company or your customers' time and money.

  • Manufactures high quality Belleville springs worldwide
  • Engineering and customer service exceeding your expectations
  • Large inventory of inch and metric sizes
  • Shortest possible lead times


Belleville springs reduce bolted joint fastener failures in many applications where maintaining adequate load on the bolted connection is essential. Failure of a bolted connection is often due to a loss in load of the bolt or bolts holding the connection together. Loss of load is attributable in many cases to plastic movement in the joint or joints that make up the connection. Plastic movement in the joints of bolted connections results from several natural occurring events that cause loss of load: embedment of the high spots in the joint, changes in temperature, vibration, gasket set, yielding of the material making up the joint, relaxation of the bolts, over tightening or under tightening the bolts.


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