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About Solon Manufacturing Company

About Solon Manufacturing Company

Founded in 1949

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Solon Manufacturing Co. engineers and manufactures Solon Belleville Springs and pressure switches as well as offer engineering product support for a variety of industries worldwide.

Today, Solon Manufacturing carries a wide range of Belleville Springs in a variety of materials and coatings for use in applications where high spring loads are required in a very small space. Typically, they are used where vibration, differential thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep are problematic. In 2005, Solon Manufacturing expanded the product line to include a series of DIN 2093 Disc Springs.

Solon Pressure Switch Division manufactures a complete line of industrial pressure switches such as vacuum, differential, hydraulic, bellows-actuated, diaphragm-actuated, piston-actuated, explosion-proof, gauge indicating and SF6 temperature-compensated. Solon’s modular design allows many special features to be combined to specify unusual pressure switch functions for use in a variety of applications. Since many components used are “off the shelf”, a highly specialized switch can often be ordered and shipped the same day.

Highly configurable pressure switch products offer a customized solution without an excessive lead time.  Ask us about expedites!